How Take BETTER SHOTS with your iPhone?

What’s up, everybody? Peter McKinnon here, and today we’re talking about how to make the most out of your iPhone photography. Ooh, it’s gonna be a good one! (intense guitar and percussion music) All right, how do I take better shots with my iPhone? It’s a question I get asked all the time. The funny thing is, you probably already are taking better shots with your iPhone. You just don’t realize it yet because you’re deleting your images too fast. You know all those shitty pictures that you snapped real quick, and peace out right away, ’cause nope? Those shots, we can save those shots, and I’m gonna show you three apps that I use on an almost daily basis that we can use to tweak those photos to make them amazing. Continue reading “How Take BETTER SHOTS with your iPhone?”

HOW TAKE AND EDIT INSTAGRAM PHOTOS and look good in every photo?

Hi guys, what’s up, I’m worried about the knee and today’s video is going to be 8, how I edit and take my Instagram pictures, so this is kind of a part to a sequel, a continuation and annotation. What are we going to call it on? Last week’s for the week before that, because I did not both as week what um I said. Oh, what’s on my iPhone, and I did not tell you guys, um how I really use my editing apps tools to edit my pictures and it’s something that has been super requested by you guys for a while now Continue reading “HOW TAKE AND EDIT INSTAGRAM PHOTOS and look good in every photo?”

How to shoot a football game?

I’m a staff photographer at Sports, Illustrated magazine. I’Ve been a professional sports photographer for 27 years and I shot for the National Football League, creative services division for the first fourteen years of my career, I thought we talked today a little bit about football. Photography for those of you that are new to shooting football, for your high schools or for your local teams. I thought perhaps I could give you some ideas on what I like to do and things that helped me become a better football photographer one of the things that is really really important when it comes to shooting football is to prepare accordingly, I always kind of know Who’S in the game at any moment of the game, I know who’s gonna play that day, if they’re not gonna play that day, I think all those things are important. I think preparing equipment. I think preparing yourself for bad weather. Continue reading “How to shoot a football game?”

How to take great group photos?

Whoa hi guys, so I wanted to answer a question. I get all the time, which is how do you get multiple people in focus when you’re taking pictures of a group with two or more people, and you’re trying to get everybody, nice and sharp? I want to show you a real-world example of how to do that, and it’s straightforward. So here’s a typical scenario you’re outside with your family or friends, and you want to take a nice group shot. So you look through your viewfinder. You get everything framed up, and you take the chance. However, when you zoom in, you realize that one of the faces is out of focus, the total bummer. Continue reading “How to take great group photos?”

How to Photograph the Moon?

Let’s take a picture of about you, don’t actually need any fancy gear, you really don’t even need a tripod. It’S helpful for some things just going to zoom all the way in – and this is my kit lens – goes to 135 autofocus on the moon and take a shot now with the default settings, which you’ll see is probably a completely blown out bright, glowing kind of sphere And that’s because your camera tries to auto-expose the whole scene. So it looks at all the black night sky and then sees just one white dot, and it tries to make that black kind of grey. So it’s going to overexpose the most important part of the picture, so this is one of those times where you really need to put your camera in manual, so I’ll put the camera into manual mode, and I’ll set the shutter speed to one sixtieth. Continue reading “How to Photograph the Moon?”

How to photograph kids naturally?

Hi guys, my name is Brent male, and I’m a full-time professional photographer in this video series. I’M going to talk about how to photograph kids naturally and get those fantastic images of kids playing and the process I use in there and the steps I use to get those fantastic images. So why believe me, you know why. Why should you even listen to me well think about this? I make a full-time living out of photographing, kids and families. Continue reading “How to photograph kids naturally?”

How to pose newborns safely & how to use flow posing to make the most from position

So one of the tests to find out is babies fast asleep. I call it the arms drop. So I pick the arm up, and I let it drop she’s. Given me a tiny bit of resistance but she’s workable, so the arms drop and they don’t yank it back where they’re willing to sleep. So I’m just going to peel the nasty back, I’m going to unhook there on the beanbag. I do have me we capture. This is an old blanket, and then it’s really fluffy. So if I do need to clean anything up, it’s not going to scratch baby and yeah. I keep it on hand, just in case little squeaker, and I talk to the baby as well. When they’re there, I call myself a nasty lady because, let’s face it, who wants to be moved when they’re fast asleep and they can be a bit grumpy always mentioned to the parents as well. But babies sometimes make noise when they’re, when they’re being moved, not that we’re hosting them; it’s just their way of saying, girls. Continue reading “How to pose newborns safely & how to use flow posing to make the most from position”