HOW TAKE AND EDIT INSTAGRAM PHOTOS and look good in every photo?

Hi guys, what’s up, I’m worried about the knee and today’s video is going to be 8, how I edit and take my Instagram pictures, so this is kind of a part to a sequel, a continuation and annotation. What are we going to call it on? Last week’s for the week before that, because I did not both as week what um I said. Oh, what’s on my iPhone, and I did not tell you guys, um how I really use my editing apps tools to edit my pictures and it’s something that has been super requested by you guys for a while now

So I finally decided to sit down and show you guys everything before we get started, don’t forget to hit that subscribe, button down below and also the notifications button. So you never miss out on the video and also like this video, if you enjoyed watching it. Of course, but yea this is gonna, be a very casual sit-down video. Hence why the hoodie, the men will make up the hair slicked back and it’s not just you know, a casual look. It’S because I actually haven’t watched it in five days, but yeah. A good part of this video is how I take my Instagram pictures, how I model and how I like to shoot. My pictures, I guess, but until you guys, can learn how to take great pictures.

How to model for them, because I am NOT a model, but I you know, have a caught up on some tips and tricks that other people do or have learned my own thing and to share with you guys some things that I find helpful when I am Shooting for pictures – and you got the slammer – I do not consider myself a model at all I’ll, actually terrible and that’s kind of my first type of taking great pictures is to get inspiration on what kind of picture you want to shoot. I look through Tumblr Pinterest Instagram for inspiration on what to shoot what poses to go for and once I have picks my pose or kind of style that I want to go for, I like to practice in front of the mirror. It also saves me time when I’m actually in front of the camera. You know, I know what to do with my body and how to angle it, so it kind of gives off the same style and it look because I’m not modeling.

I can’t really strike a pose and command, but I can practice it and through this process you know I have practice Lots in front of a mirror and I am more aware of what angles you know look best or what soupy this. So I have acquired kind of my go-to face expressions in pictures, and this is gonna be kind of awkward, but here goes, but basically, I try to look for in the light whenever I am shooting a picture.

If it’s a Sun, if it’s artificial lighting, I don’t like to tell my face down, even though that’s what most people like to go for, I think my nose kind of looks bigger in that perspective, so I kind of like to tell us my face up to The sides, or just staring straight up – and I have learned this tip from the best Tyra Banks – I learned to some eyes with my eyes and kind of use, this muscle right here to push my eyes and eyebrows like I try to relax my eyes, so my Eyeballs are like not like this in pictures, because when you know you take flash and your eyes actually like expand to this big and you look like you have just mean ergo some pictures, so I try to relax my eyes and it kind of breathe in through My nose and close my mouth and kind of pout like that Kylie Jenner power.

I just put my lower lip. You know more in front, would I do and what’s shooting portrait you always want to have your subject to yourself or another person that you’re shooting. In the light, you know so, like I mentioned artificial light like a ring, light is a great tool when you’re taking a selfie like with your makeup or just you know, just your face. Torso up the best lighting, as some of you may know, is sunset lighting. It is just God’s nature’s way of the Photoshop of your face. Your face actually looks amazing. Your skin glistens overcast is also great by not to overcast it, because then it just gets dark and also during noon.

The Sun is up, so it actually cast a shot. Is going this way, so it just looks: unproportioned you’re, a brows cast shadow on your eyes and your nose and your lips so not great overall, but now I’m moving on we’re gonna focus on the body and what I have learned through taking pictures for Instagram Is to have a good posture and look at your legs. So if you’re sitting down you know, put them forward on sit on the edge of your seat and other things like that. But if you’re sending up make sure you cinch your waist, put your butt back shoulders back and kind of your face forward when it comes to the angles of when you’re taking the picture, your photographers should want to shoot you from an angle. If you are spending up just so, it can make you look taller all about making yourself seem taller. Well, when you’re sitting down, I find that it’s better to live like just a normal video straight view or an upward view down on you. But obviously, you know what angles and whatever suits you best. So stick with that, if you like it, I’m just giving you guys my tips and tricks when it comes to taking my picture.

Have someone you’re comfortable with taking your picture or if you are okay, whether they get any photographer or anything like that, if you’re ready a model or if you’re, just you know confident or whatever you don’t really care get anyone off the street, you take a picture For you real quick another thing that was really helpful for me to start doing, and I think what made me learn the most about what looks good for the camera was to allow myself time to look over my pictures and adjust.

So I’m a photographer exactly what I’m looking for, because you know what chances are you’re, not gonna get the perfect picture the first time so definitely allow yourself that time to adjust and make changes and the final few tips is always to play around and have Fun and be confident – and you know don’t be shy – is just something that you have fun with like expressing your style and your art through pictures photography. I know that when I start taking pictures, especially in public, I used to be so self-conscious and the more you do it honestly take this from me, the more you do it, the more you go out and just get it done with it.

The less you care. I see you looking at me like, oh my gosh, that girls were taking pictures like she was probably taking pictures for the ground like who’s a girl think she is, but honestly, who cares? I take that picture girl feel yourself. It’S fine, but basically yeah. That’S all my tips and tricks for finessing the ground. I did take a pictures: how to be a model you’re officially certified by Maria, but okay, now to the part that we actually want to see. Maria is how I edit my pictures once I have done all those steps to take the picture. So here is my editing folder. I have a race tune, which I am more because I started with phase to another space. Soon too – and I know you can buy like more things in that version and it has amazing tools, I could help you edit your pictures, but I feel, like I use facing a little bit more, so I’m going to show you guys what I do with that. I open the picture and here’s one that you guys saw me shoot and I am going to start editing it. I basically go in and whiten this whole part here on the ground cuz. I like that clean.

Look in my pictures. I don’t like a lot of color in it, so I find that whining out most parts building that blank canvas on the background. Just like changes the whole picture, and personally that’s just what I like doing so so anything that I see a little bit of too much color and I go and whiten it, and actually I already have edited this picture and even posted it online. I just I needed a picture real quick, so I had to take this with them. So let’s say that’s all Gucci. It looks a little bit messy, I know, but I would actually like take a lot of time with whitening it, but then with the smooth filter.

I like to smooth out my face. You know if I have like dark circles like this day, I had a little bit. I smoothed that out and then after I like how it turned out, I go into details and focus on my eyes and lashes. So it’s darker a little bit on the nose highlight and the lips, but I go in with tones whenever I want to maybe fix my hairline. I use a picker and tone that to make it darker make it straighter or something like that or any of my skin patches.

If I see like a little pimple or anything like that – and here in the beginning, has canvas – which is, you know anything from crop to rotate flip. So I use that sometimes on face tune to. I have used this on one of my pictures where this picture, for example, my jacket, was actually a little bit more bluer and I just wanted to make it gray.

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