How to take great group photos?

Whoa hi guys, so I wanted to answer a question. I get all the time, which is how do you get multiple people in focus when you’re taking pictures of a group with two or more people, and you’re trying to get everybody, nice and sharp? I want to show you a real-world example of how to do that, and it’s straightforward. So here’s a typical scenario you’re outside with your family or friends, and you want to take a nice group shot. So you look through your viewfinder. You get everything framed up, and you take the chance. However, when you zoom in, you realize that one of the faces is out of focus, the total bummer.

The easiest way to get everybody in a discussion is to jump into aperture priority mode, which is the letter A on Nikon cameras and the note AV on Canon cameras. I also recommend setting your ISO to auto that’s going to allow you to set the aperture and the camera is going to handle everything else now for the opening. A good starting point is to double the number of people in the shot. So in this case, I have two kids, so I want to set my aperture to four by increasing the opening, we’re also expanding the area.

That’S in focus, so now both faces are nice and sharp. Here’s another typical scenario. You go to take a group shot, and the people in the frame aren’t standing next to each other, maybe they’re at an angle, or they’re staggered and go to take the shot with the same exact settings, and the first person is nice and sharp. But the person in the back is blurry. If the people in the shot are staggered or at an angle, I recommend doubling the aperture one more time. So, in this case, we would like up it to f/8.

Take another shot, and here you can see the Marian focus has been extended so that now both faces are nice and sharp? Here’s our baby announcement from about a year ago and in this family portrait I doubled the number of people in the shot, which was four so I set my aperture to f/8 and if we zoom in you can see how everybody is nice and sharp here’s.

One final example: so you can see this is a larger group and my general rule for groups that are larger than five is to set your aperture to f’l. Then you can see f/11 offers enough depth of field to get everybody, nice and sharp haha. Hey guys. Thanks so much for watching the episode. 26.

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