How to photograph kids naturally?

Hi guys, my name is Brent male, and I’m a full-time professional photographer in this video series. I’M going to talk about how to photograph kids naturally and get those fantastic images of kids playing and the process I use in there and the steps I use to get those fantastic images. So why believe me, you know why. Why should you even listen to me well think about this? I make a full-time living out of photographing, kids and families.

I’Ve been doing that for quite a few years now we snapped many hundreds of families. I guess I am a little bit of an expert when it comes to to shooting kids, because my business and my family relies on getting great images every single time we guard I’ve worked out systems and techniques to to get through every situation that you may encounter When you’re photographing, kids I’ll show you my studio where I work and then we’ll go through each of the techniques into the chapters that I found most important when you’re photographing, kids all the way from connecting with kids, you know what should their we’re finding shade.

You know the right location to wear the right props to use. You know how about the workflow that I use to capture the kids. What kind of equipment do I use, and also, how do we post-process these images to create some stunning pictures that their families will often spend thousands of dollars on? So I hope you enjoy this, this video series, I’ve put a lot of effort into it, and I’ve tried to give you all the secrets and all the techniques I use to run.

A very successful portrait studio mainly focused on capturing natural images of kids and families when they’re playing and they and they living and they alive and they having the most fun in their lives and that’s what we focus on this is my photo studio. This is where we do photography our studio, photography if we were photographing the studio and where I present customers with their final images and where we meet customers before we actually do the photo shoot. This is our foyer area, where we, where we meet our customers, they first look at our my business capture, imaging photography back over.

There is our viewing room and ordering room where we show them present the images on a large TV and and customer now what customers through how to order that their prints and how they want to submit their best pictures on the wall and back through there’s where We edit everything we added all our photos and that’s where the studio plot part is where we’ve got the proper lighting, the adequate backdrops to photograph kids, if we are shooting kids in the studio, newborn babies and models. Of course, it’s sometimes families, but most families prefer to be shot outdoors here in Australia because the beaches that are so great as customers walk in.

They have a look at little. My awards back up there, the various awards that have won through the Australian Institute of professional photographers yeah, that’s my studio, a little bit of behind the scenes or inside and look at where I work and what I do enjoy this video series. I hope you learn a lot and I’d love to get some feedback from you on what you think is the best part of the series, and if you need some more information, you can always get hold of me out I’ll. Give you my contact details at the end anyway have a great day.

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