How to pose newborns safely & how to use flow posing to make the most from position

So one of the tests to find out is babies fast asleep. I call it the arms drop. So I pick the arm up, and I let it drop she’s. Given me a tiny bit of resistance but she’s workable, so the arms drop and they don’t yank it back where they’re willing to sleep. So I’m just going to peel the nasty back, I’m going to unhook there on the beanbag. I do have me we capture. This is an old blanket, and then it’s really fluffy. So if I do need to clean anything up, it’s not going to scratch baby and yeah. I keep it on hand, just in case little squeaker, and I talk to the baby as well. When they’re there, I call myself a nasty lady because, let’s face it, who wants to be moved when they’re fast asleep and they can be a bit grumpy always mentioned to the parents as well. But babies sometimes make noise when they’re, when they’re being moved, not that we’re hosting them; it’s just their way of saying, girls.

Let’s face it. If you were being moved when you reflect you’d want to punch somebody, I can’t blame them for having a bit of a squeak, but if we were hurting them, they’d really wake up eyes, open and be screaming, so sometimes they can have a bit of a scream. Why they rest why they’re fast asleep as well? Ah, fucker she’s got her hand. Just thank you. I’M just going to bring her hand underneath her face, so she’s lying on her hand, and that is just the most adorable things we talked. It’s always a good idea to try and get the fingers flat. You do get newborns. However, that just want to make a fist and no matter how many times you try to smooth their fingers out. They just don’t want to know and to be quite honest, unless you’re ending that photo into a competition.

I wouldn’t be too worried about it, purely because parents aren’t really going to care whether the fingers are screwed up or whether they’re slapped. We as newborn photographers always care about that. But if it’s not going to happen and you’re going to wait for baby and disturb the baby, when doing it, then don’t worry about I’m just putting one of my lovely raps from Sally underneath the blanket at the back of the baby, and this is just to Support baby, so they can’t roll back and then smooth the blanket out as well. She wanted to have that hand just up by a spot by her face, so I’m bringing her feet back to cover her bits up, because we don’t want those on and mom and dad’s.

Don’t want to see that unless they want to terrify her when she’s older and they bring, she brings her first boyfriend home when she’s around about 40, yes yeah, and then they can get the baby pictures out and I’m sure we’ve all got them from when we Were kids when we were in the NSYNC completely naked, and I know my mum brings that ones out every so often so the next stuff that I’m doing is just underneath the feet. This keeps the feet raised and drops the knees, so it covers a bit. Ideally, I’d like the seat back there she’s holding it quite cute, and I could be with a camera clue, so he gets tip him forward a little bit. So I’m going to just pop a wrap just underneath to bring her up slightly.

Thank you. So we are shooting tethered, so you should be able to see what I met. What I’m shooting and please bear with us if it does go wrong. This is, after all alive. So my settings were ISO 100. 4.0. So I’m just changing those on the camera and 125th. What I am going to do is gray card the image as well, so I’m just going to take a quick one with the gray card, so it doesn’t have to be perfect and I’ve got no trigger on that. Might help actually sorry about the beep. We can’t send the beep off there. We go yeah and just checking to see if the Lighting’s right on uh, so we’ve got a nice little butterfly underneath there and I’ve got the gray card in there. So I can adjust the white balance later. Okay, take that Elena. She looks absolutely cute with her hand up this. I don’t want to move it at the moment because she looks adorable and what I say it to do is take your essential shots first, so why, before you try and refine the pose, get you get your shots in there, because babies can wake up at Any time, and so, rather than trying to put a sleeping baby down and trying to get the perfect pose the first that you do won’t be perfect, but take it anyway, because then, if that baby wakes up, you’ve got something for them for the gallery, rather than Spending 20 minutes trying to get the baby into perfect pose, and the baby wakes up screaming, and you’ve got nothing so always take and take some photos.

First, she’s got a little tongue poking out a little bit beautiful. So I like to take different shots of this setup first, so from the front from above the great thing about flow posing is you can take lots of lots of different shots from one pose just going to lose my light around a little bit perfect? So they haven’t got to be. You know, bang on every time, but this is before we refine the pose beautiful. So then, what I’m going to do? We’ve got. We’ve got a nice selection of images where we can go close in with the eyes and the lips, and you’ve got a little tongue sticking out and toes I’m just going to do that now and again that helps to bulk the gallery out. So ideally, I’d have a macro on for this, with the good thing about this camera, which is view 750 is like an coughing quite close, perfect. So now I’m going to refined the pose and Skinner’s unhappy half away. Thank you. We’ve been past my micropenis.

We do visit Lee so now we’re going to go from disposing of, which is just a basic sleepy, pose to the angel poster both hands underneath her head, I’m just going to bring it around. If you, if she looks like she’s going to move, you can gently put some weight with your other hand, on her leg or use your arm. This is where we could do it about six hands and it just stops her, throwing her legs out and keeps them nice and close together, shh-shh and then, if you gently, hold them in place, they relax into the pose, and you can also do a little bit Of juggling and lots of shushing and then the trick is taking your hand away without them. Jumping she’s moved her hand each other again and also in this heat as well, babies can get quite sticky and you can get quite speaking. You can get Shh this blanket that I’m using is a mohair one.

So one thing you have to be aware of is that babies can get the little fibers wraps around fingers and toes so always warm parents when you’re giving them back to check and obviously with little boys they’ve got a little bit extra.We don’t want any amputations, and so do just be aware of that. So now we’ve got her into the angel post and she lost. She looks just like an angel again, you can go through and you can do the exact same shots again and again, that’s giving you another pose and from basically not moving them.

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